They rescue a puppy stranded on scorching asphalt, struggling under the blazing sun

A little puppy was trapped in a nightmarish situation on a hot afternoon. Under the merciless sun, he was trapped helplessly on the sticky asphalt. It was unclear how long he had been suffering. The scorching heat pressed down on him, leaving him immobilized, his entire body rigid with anguish.

Panic and fear took over the poor puppy as he screamed for help. His situation was dire and he needed a lifeline: a way out of this asphalt prison without further harm.


A ray of hope shone through the scorching heat. When a caring person became aware of the situation, they realized they had to intervene. They began the delicate task of recovering the trapped young man with great care.

“Wait,” they told the terrified dog reassuringly, “you will be saved.”


The situation was critical and every second was crucial. The entire rescue team mobilized, united by a common goal: free Trio, as the puppy would later be called.

Trio needed water first and foremost to soothe his dry throat. They used a cylinder to slowly pump water into him, offering a lifeline for the thirsty dog.



The bitumen was gently and thoroughly scraped away, piece by piece, as they tried to free Trio. It took about 30 minutes of uninterrupted work to complete the job. Trio was getting tired, but he stayed strong and his spirit intact.

After almost an hour of non-stop work, the asphalt that had trapped Trio was finally removed. The cub was now free, his body tired but his spirit intact.



After completing their task, the rescue team carefully cradled Trio, providing him with much-needed safety and comfort. He was no longer alone and the future offered him the prospect of a better existence.

The outpouring of concerns and questions from well-wishers was heartwarming, a testament to those who had learned of Trio’s compassion. Gratitude was also expressed to the wonderful sponsors whose contributions would ensure that Trio’s path forward was filled with love, care and the possibility of a better tomorrow.


Trio’s story serves as a reminder of the resilience of animals and the power of compassion. There is always hope in the face of hardship, and with the support of compassionate people, even the most catastrophic circumstances can lead to a story of rescue, healing, and a new beginning.

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