Giant Tribe’s Horrific Torture Unveiled: Unearthed Evidence Sheds Light on Ancient Atrocities

We almost only hear about giants through myths. However, more and more discoveries of fossils and bodies believed to belong to giants are attracting particular public attention.


1. The Book of Giants: considered one of the most fascinating discoveries on Earth. However, it still causes a lot of controversy. The content of the book has many strange similarities with the “Book of Enoch.”

""""image""""With quite similar details between both books, many people believe that the Nephilim giants really existed and were destroyed on our planet.

""""image""""2. Nephilim Giants in the Bible: The Nephilim are giants born from the union between the sons of God and the daughters of humans, before the Great Flood occurred.

""""image""""In the Bible there is also a passage that says: “We saw giants there. These are the descendants of Anak, the descendants of the giants. We feel like locusts in their eyes and they see us like that too.”

""""image""""3. Quinametzin Giants: In Aztec mythology, the Quinametzin giants inhabited the world during the “Sunrain” cycle. These enormous creatures are mentioned several times in the Ríos Codex and the oldest manuscript of the ancient Greek Bible records the lives of giants who once lived in Mesoamerica.

""""image""""The Dominican Fray Diego Durán concluded: “It cannot be denied that there were once giants in this country. I can confirm it as an eyewitness, because I have met giant men here.

""""image""""4. Detailed reports on giant fossils: All reports from the last 100 years show that huge skeletons of giants have actually been found.


Among them, there are up to 15 typical reports published by prestigious newspapers. And it can change the historical perception of modern people.


5. Giant’s Finger: An unusually large finger was found in Egypt about 50 years ago. The fingers are up to 28 cm long.


After comparing the data, Egyptologists believe that it must belong to a person about 5 meters tall and weighing between 600 and 800 kilograms.


6. Kap Dwa – two-headed giant: Kap DW is said to be one of the rare cases of a giant. Kap Dwa is 3.5 m tall and has 2 heads. Currently, Kap Dwa’s mummy has been moved to Baltimore, Maryland, owned by Robert Gerber and his wife.

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